Jonathan Kuminga 'shortchanging' Warriors with lack of 'focus' according to Stephen A. Smith

Jonathan Kuminga drives to the hoop on Saturday, April 9, 2022, in San Antonio.

Jonathan Kuminga drives to the hoop on Saturday, April 9, 2022, in San Antonio.

Darren Abate/AP

On Tuesday morning, Stephen A. Smith repeated something that has been emanating from Warriors world this summer: Jonathan Kuminga has not exactly been dialed in on making the jump for his second season.

"I'm worried about Kuminga," Smith said on First Take. "I'm hearing too many things about him off the court, in terms of his head, the level of discipline that he lacks. You understand? Some of the foolishness.

"I'm not getting in his personal business, I'm not saying nothing like that. I'm talking attitude, I'm not talking actions. I'm saying that the attitude, the level of focus, commitment, determination, just putting your head down, doing the work. I'm hearing he's shortchanging the Warriors in that regard, and he gotta get his act together, because I'm a Jonathan Kuminga fan."

If it's safe to assume that Smith got this directly from the Warriors, it's at least the second time in recent weeks that the organization has tried to motivate the 19-year-old with a sprinkling of public criticism. (Kuminga, the seventh pick in the 2021 draft, turns 20 in October.) 

Draymond Green went on his podcast in July to ding Kuminga

I'm going to say this publicly because I said it to his face,” Green said of the youngster's 2022 summer league debut. “I thought Jonathan Kuminga was so, so, so bad in the game that I went to when they were playing the New York Knicks. I thought he was very, very bad. He didn’t look engaged.

Green did go on to say that Kuminga straightened it out for his next two games, demonstrating "why there’s so much belief and excitement around him for this organization," according to Green.

Mostly running it back with a championship roster, the Warriors get to worry about first-class problems. And for the class of veterans led by Draymond,seeking a contract extension in the next year or two, Kuminga maturing more slowly than expected wouldn't necessarily be the worst thing in the world.